The source of truth in healthcare

Medscient creates a transparent, shared view of key healthcare information, providing all stakeholders an unalterable source of truth, fostering a new and collaborative way to work, facilitated in part by Blockchain distributed ledger technology.

Medscient ensures everyone is aligned and on the same page

In professional football, a playbook indicate’s what’s supposed to happen. It is the strategy to move forward. It needs to be flexible against many defenses. Plays range from simple to complicated but it works only because every player shares the same playbook

Needed components for a successful transaction are present

Rules for routing, alerting, interacting and privacy are addressed

Information is logged, filtered, encrypted/de-identified, scored, re-formatted and then securely placed in its destination


Medscient makes it easy to share the information needed to make safe, timely decisions

Medscient does not store healthcare data. It provides a secure path back to that data. It utilizes the blockchain to store the meta data required to facilitate healthcare transactions. These services or the retrieval to the original data are provided via a subscription-based, services broker allowing permission-based access to that data in realtime as it is published.


Medscient streamlines and simplifies your work

Medscient integrates into your existing IT infrastructure adapting to how your business already works. Medscient works in realtime reducing unnecessary forms and processes since it connects to the original source of truth.  


Medscient fosters teamwork

Parties that trust each other are more willing to work with each other provided they trust the source of data and can audit a permanent record. You can “trust but verify” the results. Medscient believes that people working, with all the necessary data insights, despite having different agendas, can enhance America’s healthcare system.

Medscient aligns all healthcare stakeholders, enhancing outcomes with reduced costs.

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